Sunday, April 25, 2010

Computer history museum - Mountain View

The admission is free. We can learn computer history over there and it let me know my history to learn computer. :)

The difference machine

The Babbage machine - Charles Babbage (1791-1871), computer pioneer, designed the first automatic computing engines in 1871

Xerox computer - not copy machine..:). The first time to have an idea of what you print is what you see. That is why the monitor is vertical as it is similar to your letter paper after printing it out. It is the first time to use graphics to control computer.

The first ethernet cable is also developed by Xerox.

The first mouse - why do we call it a mouse? the cursor is a cat at that time so they named it "mouse".

Sun Microsystem - UNIX workstation. Anyone still uses UNIX workstations?

Hard Drive - IBM 1311 so huge size... not capacity. *o*

Router - they are designed by Cisco founders.

personal digital assistant (PDA) - created by palm.

Intel - DRAM wafer. It may be only 2-inch..

Macintosh - The first commercial computer is controlled by GUI. The first time to use it is when I was a freshman in university.

IBM PC - the monitor is compaq. OS is DOS 3.0. I used DOS 3 before. That will unveil my age. :)

Apple-II The first computer I used when I was an elementary school student. The program I wrote is "fruit bar" by BASIC language then. I am an old guy. :(

Please reserve space for iphone and ipad in the future. Then I can speak loudly and proudly: "My 4325/4329 coex firmware is inside."

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